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Gratitude Journals

by therese lentz on September 3, 2019

Hello. Ever since I was a little girl, I knew there was more to life than just working. I wanted...

Posted in: Inspirational


Where My Boots Take Me

by Anna Marie Angeloni on June 24, 2019

Don't let your limitations, limit you. My motto: Grab pack, lace up boots, head out.  There is so much to...

Posted in: Adventures  |  Health and Wellness  |  Inspirational  |  Lifestyle  |  Travel


Appreciation and Gratitude

by Silvia Ramezani on May 2, 2018

Hello! I'm going to share a story of Dr. Rao.  Before I do, I'm going to share a feeling of...

Posted in: Health and Wellness  |  Inspirational


Adventurous Life – Adventure Blog

by Anna Marie Angeloni on January 10, 2018

People use to ask me, “Why do you hike so much?” My response was always the same: “Because maybe one day I won’t be able to.”

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by Anna Marie Angeloni on June 19, 2017

This page is dedicated to what people leave behind.... Morrison Ranch, Chesebro   The Train, Burbank

Posted in: Adventures  |  Travel



by Silvia Ramezani on April 1, 2017

  It’s been 3 weeks since I went back to work.  The first two weeks I was EXHAUSTED!!!!!! thinking what...

Posted in: Business and Career


Everything is made for grillin’, or is it?!

by Pascale Gigon on February 20, 2017

  My fondest memories as a child were the summers when my Dad would grill. That black round Weber grill,...

Posted in: Foodies


Morning Coffee!

by Silvia Ramezani on January 10, 2017

Beautiful morning cloudy and some light showers.  Drop off the kids at school heading  to Republic of Pie one of...

Posted in: Lifestyle  |  Networking


Curb Trash to Treasure

by Anna Marie Angeloni on June 2, 2016

I like finding objects on the side of the road, especially when they are in horrible shape, because to me "horrible" shape just screams fun project.

Posted in: DIY


Now What?

by Pascale Gigon on May 20, 2016

I was suppose to start this blog 15 months ago. 15 months ago I was laid-off. 15 months later I'm...

Posted in: Business and Career