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Adventures are what you make them, we choose to relax this time focusing on our health and wellness.

Soulspring Oasis from their website, " offer empathetic care to anyone on the path to healing emotionally, physically, and spiritually."

This is a business we can't help but appreciate. A woman-owned business with you in mind.

Hump Day

We were in need of some relaxation and peace. Luckily for us, SoulSpring Oasis turned out to be just the right place.

AB popped in on a Wednesday night for a relaxing and soul-growing experience with Rhonda Clure's Sacred Circle Meditation. Unlike other meditations groups, Sacred Circle opens with a discussion topic and a little journal writing if you're so inclined. This evening was about distractions and managing them better. It was a story we all live with, fast-paced, overstimulated hours. The circle bloomed into an amazing experience of sharing, helping, and supporting each other. We all have different stories but during our discussion, the pitfalls had common themes and even some chuckles along the way. Rhonda provided helpful tools to tackle our stumbling blocks before we dove into her guided meditation.

Meditation Fears

Have you ever begun meditation in silence expecting an ah-ha moment or enlightenment then it didn't come and you wonder why? What am I doing wrong? Well, you're not alone. We beat ourselves up when our mind wanders to things like; "Did I walk the dog?" "Man, why did that person cut me off driving here?" "What was the name of the actor in that movie...darn here I go again drifting into thoughts, meditate meditate." "Oh, my gosh my stomach growled did others hear that?"

Health and Wellness

This is why Rhonda's guided meditation was so helpful. Guided mediation helped open up and release the wandering mind. Yes at times wandering can still happen but Rhonda's gentle voice easily brings you back into your self-caring journey. By the end you may find yourself wanting more, we know we did. Yes, we'll be back. Hopefully next time we see you there.

With unstoppable health and wellness, you don't care if someone cuts you off. But walking the dog, well your dog will let you know.


It's a wonderful place to leave your worries at the door. See our Travel section for more information about SoulSpring Oasis.

We'd love to hear about your Namaste experiences so feel free to comment and share.

SoulSpring Oasis

SoulSpring Oasis
Hours: By appointment only
Address: 516 Pennsfield Place, Suite 113
Thousand Oaks, Ca 91360

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