Using the internet to get off the internet, let’s take an “AdventurousBug” life together.


We support and inspire everyone’s sense of adventure by providing a space where people can step out of their ‘comfort zones’.  A place to not only create the adventures of their dreams but welcome our community to share in these experiences.


We believe in connecting people of all backgrounds and life stories to build a more supportive, healthier, and empowered world. But, most importantly creating lifelong friendships and memories.


We recognize that everyone has a passion for exploring new endeavors, enriching their lives, and reaching new goals while discovering their sense of adventure.  All of which is shared and celebrated in our community of passionate like-minded women-focused adventurers.


We created this site with you in mind, a community built by you, for you, and about you. It all started in a living room, just three friends sitting around a table, conversing over food and a glass of wine (or maybe two) and we called it “Happy Hour Nights.” Three years later it grew into a much-anticipated gathering of like-minded women from all walks of life, some meeting each other for the first time. Nights of endless discussions from family to politics, jewelry to relationships, and...uh yeah.. the guy in the corner of the bar who…. (you know that guy!) As we shared our stories, a common thread began to emerge. We each had a dream, a dream for more out of life. “More” was something unique and special to each of us. Some wanted to learn to dance or enroll in a college course, others wanted to go on trips, and some just wanted a break their daily demands. The unanimous agreement was we wanted to try new adventures “to get out of the house,” and we wanted to do it with friends.

So we decided to take our “Happy Hour Nights” online and created a site that is focused on supporting women in our local neighborhoods and beyond, stepping outside our comfort zones, and expanding our horizons to live a life we had previously only dreamed of. When women thrive, our communities thrive.

Our fervent wish is that we contribute to the expansion of everyone's worlds by supporting women whether by trekking up a mountain, learning a new skill, happy hours, establishing a book club, forming a walking group, going to the movies together, sailing, business networking… The possible adventures are endless and they would all be up to you. We thrive in supportive communities and friendships. Our friendships bring joy, laughter, knowledge, and memories, and are scientifically proven to improve our overall health and happiness. At a time when life seems busy, we often forget about ourselves, dreams, wants, and needs, so we at AdventurousBug want to help you get out and be adventurous.

A group gathered by a signpost with several arrows A group holding up poster boards with a variety of magazine cutouts glued to them Looking toward the mountains at the end of a hike Three women posing for a photo A group enjoying dinner at a nice restaurant

We believe in a place where women have the opportunity to be who they are without all the distractions common to other sites. It doesn’t matter whether we are moms, daughters, nieces, wives, neighbors, coworkers, girlfriends, etc. We all relish the freedom to experience new adventures, exciting challenges, and new ideas devoid of the limits of societal expectations. Our lives will never be as simple as we would like them to be. We have responsibilities to our children, our partners, and our jobs, and we often seem to sacrifice ourselves for the good of others. And so this women-focused site is about building friendships and becoming a part of something bigger, where women can be themselves, where they can encourage and inspire each other. This site offers you an opportunity to find that “inner you” that has been yearning for expression but hasn’t come out perhaps because of fear or a lack of self-confidence.

If you are now as moved as we are to make this world better and more fun, we sincerely hope you will join us.

It is time to make a choice: close the browser and return to your present life or join now. What’s your adventure?

The Ladies of AdventurousBug

A parting thought, “Life is not measured by how many breaths we take, but by the events that take our breath away.”


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