Bug Buzz is our way of sharing articles and stories from us to you. From the latest happenings at AdventurousBug, Corp to stories we think might be of interest to our AdventurousBug community. Also Bug Buzz would not be the same without you, some of the stories we will share are from our members and the adventurous lives they are leading.

Co-Founders Full Interview

by Anna Marie Angeloni on March 15, 2017

Co-Founders Anna Marie Angeloni and Pascale Gigon talk about what AdventurousBug is, why they created the site for women and...


We did it! We officially launched AdventurousBug

by Anna Marie Angeloni on February 28, 2017

Launch Party of AdventurousBug, celebrating a new way for women to build community, explore their adventures and live the life they always wanted. Using the internet to get off the internet.


Trip That Almost Wasn’t

by Anna Marie Angeloni on May 10, 2016

Adventures do not always go as planned but if you let it just happen the unplanned detour can take your breath away.


The Story of AdventurousBug

by Anna Marie Angeloni on May 3, 2016

Pascale and Anna go back many years, they met where their passions came together, live theatre.  Anna a Los Angeles...