Bug Buzz is our way of sharing articles and stories from us to you. From the latest happenings at AdventurousBug, Corp to stories we think might be of interest to our AdventurousBug community. Also Bug Buzz would not be the same without you, some of the stories we will share are from our members and the adventurous lives they are leading.

Favorite Story of the Week

by AdventurousBug on October 10, 2018

You ever sit back and read a story that makes you smile, jump for joy and want to share with...


AB Book Club – Summer Reads

by Anna Marie Angeloni on September 26, 2018

Summer Reads from an AB Book Club Wow what a read I have been having with the AB Book Club...


Can Friendships Make You Healthier?

by AdventurousBug on September 26, 2018

Can Friendships Make You Healthier?  Experts say, yes! Having friends can be the single most important life choice you make...


Our CEO sends the message AB is a Proud Sponsor of Flicks4Change

by Anna Marie Angeloni on May 30, 2018

We were so thrilled to be one of the sponsors at Flicks4Change.  Flicks4Change has a special place in our hearts...


AB interview with MTS Development at LA Start Up Nation

by Anna Marie Angeloni on May 30, 2018

LA Start Up Nation AdventurousBug Pitch Interview


Happy Holidays and Adventurous New Year

by Anna Marie Angeloni on December 21, 2017

Happy Holidays and Adventurous New Year AdventurousBug members, We here at AdventurousBug would like to send you our best wishes for...


AdeventurousBug and Flicks4Change

by Anna Marie Angeloni on December 20, 2017

Thank You ~   Thank you all for your support in helping AdventurousBug make Flicks4Change such a hit this past...


Co-Founders Full Interview

by Anna Marie Angeloni on March 15, 2017

Co-Founders Anna Marie Angeloni and Pascale Gigon talk about what AdventurousBug is, why they created the site for women and...


We did it! We officially launched AdventurousBug

by Anna Marie Angeloni on February 28, 2017

Launch Party of AdventurousBug, celebrating a new way for women to build community, explore their adventures and live the life they always wanted. Using the internet to get off the internet.


Trip That Almost Wasn’t

by Anna Marie Angeloni on May 10, 2016

Adventures do not always go as planned but if you let it just happen the unplanned detour can take your breath away.


The Story of AdventurousBug

by Anna Marie Angeloni on May 3, 2016

Pascale and Anna go back many years, they met where their passions came together, live theatre.  Anna a Los Angeles...