A Night With Marie Forleo

by Anna Marie Angeloni on May 14, 2020

I have to confess I have an addiction to Marie Forleo. My friend Silvia turned me on to her some...


3rd Annual Vision Board Party 2020 Was 20/20 Vision Baby!!!

by AdventurousBug on May 14, 2020

AdventurousBug would like to thank everyone that came out!  Special thanks and shout out to Maggie the Wine Lady and...


Adventure Food Friday!! Portuguese Bread

by AdventurousBug on May 8, 2020

Happy Friday! Today’s food adventure is brought to you by Viking.TV. The family of Dona Manuela has been baking bread...


Wildlife Wednesday: Olifants River in Emangusi, South Africa

by AdventurousBug on May 6, 2020

Today’s Wildlife Wednesday is taking us to Olifants River in Emangusi, South Africa. This lifecam camera is set on the...


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