Time to Get Out – Classes Are Coming

It's time for summer shades and shenanigans

Knowing life's ups and downs over the years there is good news around the corner. Adventures are in the works here at HQ.

We know you're itching to get out and create fun memories with friends. Whether relaxing to the healing vibrations of sound baths or busting moves on the floor during your pole dance classes. We hear you. Although, embracing your inner couch potato watching Stranger Things while drinking a bottle of wine and gobbling pizza in two days was a must. What a cliffhanger right?  Oh okay, sorry let's get back to other important news, we are finalizing exciting adventures with amazing instructors.

Not wanting to wait for classes? Put your own events up and invite our AB community to join you. Not a member that's okay, you're just a couple of clicks away from being part of a growing community. After all, life isn't about waiting for the invitation, it's about creating the invitation for others to say "Yes!"

What's in the works?

  • Pole Dancing
  • Meditation
  • Intentional Candle Making
  • Moonology
  • Hiking
  • Cocktail Hour
  • .....and much more


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