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You’ve taken that leap of faith and joined You are now a full-fledged Adventurer. So you’re asking yourself, “What do I get as an Adventurer?” The world, well almost. A whole new world has opened up for you and now you have the opportunity to discover it.  Discover it in our Events section by creating events you enjoy and inviting others to join you or join events other members have created. Been somewhere amazing or want to share what your city has to offer, post it in Travel.  You’re a master DIYer, well start a blog and invite the world in to see what you’ve created. Take the bucket list challenge – is there something you’ve always wanted to do, but didn’t want to do it alone, well, challenge other members to participate with you. As an Adventurer member you gain access to:

  • Events
  • Travel
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Groups
  • Bug Buzz
  • Bucket List Challenge
  • Connect with other Members

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You’re dipping your toe in the water. We get it. It’s sometimes difficult to breakout of your comfort zone and try something new. Well, here at you can explore and figure out if this is something you’d truly want to participate in. Say you want to know how other women are balancing work and life, start a forum and see what other people have to say. You’re an expert at cooking, create a blog and share your expertise with others. There’s a whole big world out there for you to explore and when you’re ready to join we’ll be waiting to see what adventures you create. As an Explorer member you gain access to:

  • Blogs
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  • Bug Buzz

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