Frequently Asked Questions
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What is AdventurousBug?
We equip women with the tools necessary to expand their world through the creation of events, travel, blogs, and forums by utilizing social media. Our powerful, user-friendly website enables members to easily organize and join a diverse range of exciting adventures. AdventurousBug Membership gives you full access to our site which includes events, travel, connecting with members, adding and requesting friendships, blogs, forums, and groups, as well as many other great features with a minimal monthly cost.
Why should I join?
Women are social creatures by nature. Our members have control over what activities to post or to join. You can participate in an activity you are familiar with like walks, shopping, wine tasting, dinners out on the town, or try something new like sailing, learning to dance, hiking, starting a book club, and so on. It is a great way to build your adventurous network, make new friends and expand your interests.
Is this a singles group or a dating site?
Why women-focused?
We at AdventurousBug say, “Why Not”. We believe that women deserve their own space and supportive community. With so many sites on the internet we found that this niche group of women-focused community is in high demand and we at AdventurousBug want to be the ‘go-to community’ for women all over the world. We believe you deserve it.
Why do you charge?
At AdventurousBug we believe in your privacy, we do not sell information about you. We refuse to make money based on selling your content to marketers, corporations, and industry. In order to stay operational we charge a small membership fee to cover the costs of operating our site.
How much does it cost?
Our Adventurous Membership provides full access to the site. We have three pay structures, monthly at $9.99; buy a six-month package at $7.99 a month or our one year at $5.99 a month. Activities are also generally free to join; however, there may be costs associated with participating in the activity, for example, show tickets, cooking classes, lift tickets, transportation, etc...
What types of events are offered?
Adventurous members have full control of the events; you can create your own or join one that has been created by another member. For example: taking a cooking class, travel, drinks with the ladies, museum trips, knitting classes, book clubs, nature walks, camping, going to the movies or a show, etc. As a member, you can even coordinate activities such as helping your local community.
How do I find out about events?
After registering for our Adventurous level, you will have full access to search for events that might be of interest to you which will contain the date, a brief description of the event, and you can see who else is going OR you can start your own Event. We encourage you to be bold and adventurous so if you don’t see one, go for it and post an event, invite your friends to join
How much do events cost?
Events are generally free to join; however, there may be costs associated to participate in the event. For example, show tickets, cooking classes, dinner, lift tickets, transportation, etc... Use your best judgment when attending an event; we hold no responsibilities for events that are posted.
What other features are on AdventurousBug?
Aside from the Events section we have our Virtual Travel section where members can share what they love about their favorite cities, restaurants, yummiest coffee houses to the best hikes and great places to hear music. Also, they can share their favorite places in the cities they’ve visited. The Virtual Travel section is created by our Adventurous members with the idea of sharing what they enjoy with our members. Adventurous members can also create and join Groups in our Group section which is a great way to form friendships.
We also have our Blog and Forum section which is available to all members.
What type of people join?
Being a women-focused site you will find adventurous women, women who are looking to get out, expand their world and meet like-minded women. Women who want to make new friends and possibly try things they were too reluctant to try on their own.
Are there group meetings and a bureaucracy?
No. The only meetings are our staff that runs the site and helps make your experience better.
How many people attend these activities?
Depending on the activity, attendance will vary.
How much personal information do I have to disclose when I sign up?
Your name, email, city, zip code, a profile picture. We DO NOT collect billing information including credit card or bank account numbers. All payments and renewals are billed via PayPal. We encourage a profile picture so when you and other members attend an event you know who you are looking for.
How do I become a member?
Go to our Become a Member page and choose the membership package you wish to join and enter the required information.
Is there any age restrictions to becoming a member?
Yes, AdventurousBug is restricted to those over the age of 18.
Who can participate in these events?
Any member over the age of 18 who is a paid Adventurous member.
How can I help create a buzz about AdventurousBug?
Tell your friends & family by calling them or sharing our website, Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter. Post on your favorite Internet message boards, other related websites, or newsgroups.  If you have a Blog outside of our site, please feel free to link the blog to your profile at
Should I tell others about AdventurousBug?
Yes! We are a startup, but see great things in our future; we believe women have a need to bond together and really develop friendships. We believe in using the internet to get off the internet. Tell your friends & family by calling, emailing, or going to our social network links that are listed on our site. Next, post on your favorite internet message boards, similarly related websites, or newsgroups and tell them about us.
Like the old saying goes: “She told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on and so on”.
What do I get out of it?
An AdventurousBug life! The biggest reward is seeing the smiles on other's faces, making friends, and sharing experiences. Most people who organize and join events get satisfaction in playing a part in growing their life and the lives of other women. Consequently, they keep doing it. An event organizer is the cornerstone of our site, the site we are creating for YOU, without them we wouldn't exist.
What if I have more questions?
Contact us at our Contact Us link at the bottom of the website.
How can I contact you?
Use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the website.
How do I change or cancel my membership subscription?
Under My Account drop down see My Subscription, if you are a paid Adventurous Member you can cancel through Unsubscribe button which will take you to PayPal.  Once you Unsubscribe through PayPal you will be membership with me closed.
Here is a helpful tip from PayPal on how to cancel your subscription PayPal Subscription Cancellation.
If you decide to cancel your membership subscription entirely, we are sad to see you go but understand sometimes life happens and we hope to have you back again soon.

Want to learn more, check out our video under Bug Buzz!  We hope to see you soon.

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