Improving the Lives of Women

AdventurousBug is supported by its members and sponsors that are committed to enriching the lives of women. People like you that believe women have aspirations for adventurous and fulfilling lives, and that those aspirations have value. No matter what role women play in the world whether it be business or social the communities they are part of are active, strong and growing. Each sponsorship helps us support our members and our community’s needs from daily functions of the website to actively being involved at the grassroots level.


Women are a major force in society and across the world. Women, whether their Adventure is becoming an entrepreneur, going back to school later in life, taking that trip to France or learning how to DIY a beat up desk are all committed to one thing, finding a becoming their Adventurous Selves. When women achieve their goals they become more productive, happier and successful, and each of us, men and women alike, benefit from that. We are a grassroots community that is dedicated to the growth and power of what women can achieve. We are a place where women go to feel inspired, heard, supported, accomplished, not judged, a place of community and sisterhood. If this is something that you believe in supporting, or would like more information about we at AdventurousBug would be happy to talk to you. Please see link below “Sponsorship” and fill out necessary information and we will respond to you as promptly as possible.

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