AB Adventures – Descanso Gardens

Leave your house and breath deep

Year-round Descanso Garden packs a punch. If you are looking for a great place to get those steps in, 150 acres just say'n, surrounded by beautiful botanical gardens is worth every step.  The benefit of being located in Southern California is, no matter the time of year, something is in bloom.

Descanso Gardens hosts an array of events that pleases everyone in the family.  When we arrived instantly the fragrances were abundant.  For lunch, we ordered sandwiches and sat in the designated grassy section under the shade of tree canopies before traversing the many trails that weave in and around the magical place. There are concrete pathways intermixed with dirt trails making this is an ideal place for all. At the Chinese Garden, we took a seat enjoying an hours-long conversation sharing stories and life joys.

Enjoy these photos from our days in Descanso Gardens. It's a place we continue to enjoy.


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