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Located in the desert town of Oro Grande in Southern California sits the most unusual forest, Elmer's Bottle Tree Ranch. This special little roadside attraction sits along the historic Route 66, known as America's Highway. Route 66 runs from the southwestern shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago Illinois to the shores of the Pacific Ocean at the Santa Monica Pier in California.

As Americans began driving automobiles Route 66 was the favored road for those migrating to the west coast. Quickly becoming celebrated for its motels, cafes, and odd attractions that dotted its 2,448 miles. However, by the 1970s it lost popularity due to the Interstate Highway System where traveling became much more efficient. But in its heyday that tiny two-lane asphalt route provided road trippers an escape and local artisans visitors.

Lose Yourself

And that is where we find one of those little oddities that make Route 66 still special today for road trip loyalists. Elmer's Bottle Tree Ranch sits on the side of this historic route where glass bottle trees catch the desert sun. Entry is free although you may wish you had a glass bottle to donate to Elmer's collection.

There are no pathways and no time limit as you journey through the forest of thousands of bottles placed high on poles. The randomness of items, such as bicycle wheels, antique typewriters, an old rusty jeep, and hundreds of other odds and ends add curiosity.

Elmer first started collecting bottles with his father which seems to have inspired him to create something truly special here. Walking through this artistic creation, you can't help but be inspired yourself. Each tree of glimmering colored glass bottles, old and new, shoot upward toward the sky. You can easily imagine they are growing taller as you walk through this hypnotizing place under the desert sun. While under your feet, mesmerizing shadows are cast across the desert sand.

Hours can easily pass and you will wish you had just a little more time. Elmer's Bottle Tree Ranch transports you to that inner childlike curiosity we too often lose sight of.

Come Visit

Elmer's Bottle Tree Ranch is fun for all ages. Take a unique adventure and visit this special little place in the desert. Elmer's creation will transport you into a magical world.

Elmer's Bottle Tree Ranch

24266 National Trails Hwy

Oro Grande, CA 92368

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