AB Adventures – Getting Lost in The Last Bookstore

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In 2020 time inside provided an opportunity to curl up and dive into the pages of a good book. The Last Bookstore dishes that out in spades!

If you haven't heard of The Last Bookstore, located in Downtown Los Angeles, then you're missing out on a great experience. It's good to visit what a bookstore is really about, Barnes and Noble a particular favorite for new literature. However, if you want to explore rare, unique, and sometimes unknown authors The Last Bookstore is the place. A bookstore provides what Amazon never can, the chance to explore a book that catches your eye as you walk past. And the bonus, you're providing much-needed support to your local shop.

A bookstore should be like a scavenger hunt or a search for hidden treasure. Walking through aisles of bound pages of printed stories, not scrolling through a computer screen, is what book browsing is all about. Picking up one book, only to have another catch your eye, then another. Thumbing through the pages and giving the text a quick read if you are intrigued.

The Last Bookstore is a treasure trove of bounded beauty. Its unique, quirky atmosphere gives it an air of the artistic. Kids and adults can't help but travel through the maze of art displays created from books. Each dazzling the eye as if you're in a story yourself. As you exit a tunnel of books, perhaps you'll grab one off a shelf, take a seat, read and pass the time.

So come on down, grab a book and go on a journey. Check their restrictions during COVID. You can also order online. Remember, a bookstore should be about the experience, not a quick shopping cart. Support your local community bookstore today.

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