Solo Walk Through Rowville Close Up

Morning with Camera ~ Rowville, Victoria Australia

On my first morning in Australia visiting my sister, I woke early to a lovely soft rain, grabbed my camera, and headed out for a solo walk in a suburb of Melbourne, Rowville. Morning air was crisp while the rising sun attempted to break through cloudy skies as brisk weather provided a pleasant retreat from the heatwaves I left behind in Los Angeles, California. Birds leaped from treetops to grassy fields, Noisy Miners, Australian Magpies, Eastern Rosellas, and Galahs sang throughout the neighborhood. Recent rains provided a bug smorgasbord for them to choose from. It wasn’t just the birds that caught my attention, but the rain resting on plant life around me.

I enjoy taking my Ricoh WG-50 camera along on my walks. Its durable quality works well with my clumsy hands. Trust me, I have dropped plenty of cameras and this one has gotten me through some scraps! Yes, I could use a phone, but I find leaving my phone at home gives me the peace of mind I’m searching for. A solo walk in the suburb of Melbourne, Rowville, was just what I needed after a fifteen-hour flight the day before. With my camera’s microscope setting, raindrops, tiny critters, and lichen provided the perfect subject for exploration.

Nature’s smallest elements are some of the best scenery.

While I visit this extraordinary country, what awaits me is unknown. What is clear, Australia holds wonder and beauty that heightens the senses. Kangaroos and Koalas intrigue me and I look forward to seeing them, but it’s those less-seen things I can’t wait to capture. Let’s see what adventures down under will share with me next. 📷

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