Australian Adventure in the Bush

A guided bush walk through an explosion of wildflowers

Castlemaine Maldon Trail

Guided Wildflower Bush Walk

Photographic adventure in the wilds of Australia.

While on vacation in Victoria, Australia, my sister and I joined a group of local flower enthusiasts, led by two botany experts, on a journey through the bush outside Castlemaine. The moment my sister and I learned about this wildflower bush walk, we jumped at the chance to sign up.

The walk scheduled for an hour-and-a-half ran long as we took in the beauty of this wild place. A recent deluge of rain made for a magnificent display of native species of flowers, mushrooms, and lichen bursting rich in colors. Under the canopy of sycamore trees, a plethora of native flowers swayed in the breeze as if somewhere music played and each bloom heard the same melody. We enjoyed dazzling purple and white orchids, daisies, Milkmaids, and Billy Buttons popping out between colorful lilies and Parrot Peas. Hidden in the dense bush was the most fascinating, the carnivorous Sundew.

When the walk ended, I left with a camera full of photos, head swimming with local flora and fauna knowledge, new friends, and more walks planned. Our guides were helpful, knowledgeable, and patient with the many questions that came from the group. My photographic adventure in the wilds of Australia has only just begun. I better keep my camera charged.

Now I could tell you more about our wildflower walk down Castlemaine Maldon Trail, but I'd rather show you.

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