Little Taste of Venice, Venice Canal Walk – Social Distancing

September 19, 2020

8:00 AM - 10:00 AM

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*Like all events things can change due to COVID if this event is canceled  or venue moved  to a later date you will receive an email. 
Meet at Linnie Canal Park and we will walk the Canals from there.  This is a casual stroll through the picturesque neighborhood of the canals.  What to expect?  Well have your camera ready to take some unique shots and don't forget to capture the ducks and boats moving along the water.  And get this, after the walk you are just a few blocks from Venice Beach so you can make a day of it and enjoy the boardwalk and ocean air.
Please use Social Distancing, Mask Wearing and Wash Those Hands!  The faster we can eliminate Covid from our society the more Adventures we can have.
Where do you park for Venice canals?
The Parking lot is located next to the Venice Boardwalk where Rose Ave. crosses Ocean Front Walk. Prices are $5.00 on weekdays and $6.50 on weekends. If you can find street parking, your best bet is to find a spot on Ocean Street, Dell or Washington a couple of blocks over.

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