The Story of AdventurousBug

LA-Chok-O-Latta_Featured-Image_06-02-16Pascale and Anna go back many years, they met where their passions came together, live theatre.  Anna a Los Angeles native and Pascale a Chicago native, enjoyed the ‘family’ that their little theatre, The Group Rep, gave them.  They were cast in a couple of shows together and bonded back stage.  Their friendship would later come together for a monthly Ladies’ Night hosted at Anna’s tiny Arts District apartment.  Sometimes they would have four ladies and other times the cushions would come out and they had women sitting on the floor.

During these Ladies’ Night events they began to create another family, a family of ladies from all walks of life.  Some married, some single, some single moms.  With each conversation, with many laughs and serious moments, over too much food and just the right amount of libations, a common thread began to emerge. Each had a dream, a dream for more. “More” was something unique and special to each and every one of them. Some of them wanted to learn to dance or enroll in a college course, others wanted to go on trips, or a ladies’ weekend at a spa, and some just wanted a break from all of their daily demands. The unanimous agreement from all, though, was that they everyone wanted to try new adventures “to get out of the house” and they wanted to do it with friends.

A women’s social site like this was Anna’s dream.  She had belonged to many hiking groups, her favorite was an outdoors club and thought, why isn’t there something like that for women to get together?  The outdoors club was always there for her, all she had to do was go online and see what outdoor event were happening the next day or in the coming months, sign up and bam she had plans.  She knew many women who liked to go out on a moments’ notice, or make future plans with like-minded women.  She also knew many women’s stories and the desire they had to go out and have fun doing what they loved or trying something new was often a goal not filled.  Many friends, including herself, would stay home when they would really rather go out with friends, make new friends and live a more fulfilled life.  This dream she would share during Ladies’ Nights, and her friends agreed they wanted a site like this a believed it would be a lifesaver and positive place for them.  And then it happened, while Anna was standing in the kitchen Pascale came in and said “I want to make this happen with you, can I?”  And without taking a breath, Anna said “YES!”

Both having the “Acting Bug” they knew for each women their adventures are special and unique to them so the only name the site could have was “AdventuousBug” so with that AdventurousBug was born.  After much work, learning the robes of what it takes to build a business and long nights they began the journey that got them here.

Anna and Pascale’s fervent wish is that AdventurousBug contributes to the expansion of women’s worlds by bringing them together to trek up a mountain, learn a new skill, have a ladies’ night, establish a book club, form a walking group, go to the movies together, go sailing, business networking, the adventures are endless.  To give women the power, control and support to create their own future. A place all their own.  Women have the need for community, for friendship. It is in them. It is in their makeup. Friendships bring joy, laughter, knowledge, memories and is better for overall health and happiness. At a time when women are so busy, they often forget about themselves, their dreams, wants and needs, so AdventurousBug wants to help you get out and be adventurous.

Their dream is that AdventurousBug grows into one of the most used and supportive sites for women all over the world.  Anna and Pascale believe in the power of women and the communities they build.  When women come together, things happen, the world is a better place and everyone benefits when women grow their lives into what they want, even men benefit.

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