AdeventurousBug and Flicks4Change

Thank You ~


Thank you all for your support in helping AdventurousBug make Flicks4Change such a hit this past month.  It was our honor and pleasure to have partnered up with them here in Los Angeles to help bring about change through film. 

For those that came by our booth it was wonderful to meet each of you, we enjoyed hearing your stories and your interest in what we are doing here at AdventurousBug.

Some of you had questions such as “What type of Adventures do you have?” Let us do our best to answer that.  When we built this site, we did it by researching all the sites in the internet world and took from each of them to build a custom platform for women to have full control of.  Events, Travel, Blogs, Groups and so on, which each member contributes to and shares in the community.  We don’t organize the adventures, although we as co-founders do have some of our own, we believe each of us have unique adventures that we want to share and invite others to experience them with us whether Skydiving or Networking, Book Clubs or Walking, it is what ever YOU want it to be. Imagine the word Adventurous as limitless possibilities.  AB is platform open to all of us where we can connect with other like-minded women and grow our world, together, in a supportive and inspiring community. 

Just imagine what we can all do together and the friendships we can make, in a place we can call our own.  And when people ask us “Why women only?”  We say “Why not.”

We look forward to seeing what Adventures you share, and the friendships you make.

From the Ladies of AdventurousBug,
Anna and Pascale


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