AB Book Club – Summer Reads

Summer Reads from an AB Book Club

Wow what a read I have been having with the AB Book Club I signed up with.    First off, I have to thank AB Member Silvia for starting a Book Club here on AB.  That is how it starts; a member takes a chance and creates something amazing.

Big Magic - So far, we have tackled Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, you know who she is right?  Eat, Pray, Love author?  Yep that's the one.  Well she did it again with an inspiring book about getting in touch with the "Big Magic" that is in all of us.  With each chapter we read, we got together, discussed the meaning, delved into our personal Big Magic, and of course we did this over coffee and food.  What better way to have a book club.   And she taught us that we need to throw "Perfection" out the window, nothing is ever perfect sometimes you just need to get the job done to the best of your ability.  Most importantly how to deal with our fears.  She is an easy read, she is clear and to the point.  I have post-it tabs throughout knowing I will go back to from time to time.  Elizabeth Gilbert's book is a great read.  Slip on your warm fuzzy socks, put your feet up and dive into your Big Magic, I smiled though out...if you want to challenge yourself the next book will knock your socks off....

High Performance Habits - Currently we are reading High Performance Habits by famed author Brendon Buchard and OMG, yes, I said it "OMG!"  I have marked up, tabbed and noted this book to the hilt.  This book is life changing!  We read, work the Habits, the Performance Prompts and can't take our hands of turning the pages.  For a little background about the author he is a #1 Times Best Seller and a world-renowned high-performance coach.  The book is comprised of a decade of research of why some individuals and teams succeed more quickly than others and sustain that success over the long term.  Why are some miserable and others consistently happy on their journey?  What motivates people reaching for higher levels of success in the first place and what practices do they all have in common that improves their goals.  He focuses on six specific habits they all had in common.  This book is a High-Performance Habit Coach at your fingertips.

In the book club we are working shopping this book extensively and we are already seeing changes in our lives.  During our weekly book club, we take what we have read, and our Performance Prompts and help each other go through the process.  Being that each of us is launching a company this book couldn't have come at a more opportune time.  We actually extend our Book Club into a workshop.  Together building our companies, sharing ideas, thoughts and knowledge so that we can become better business leaders and high performers.    If you feel stuck, in a rut, unfocused, overwhelmed, confused, frustrated and a multitude of other adjectives I can't recommend this book highly enough.  I wish I read it years ago, but two things; one perhaps I wasn't ready, and two, it wasn't out years ago.

So that is how it all starts, a member starts a Group or even Events, next thing you know it begins to change lives.  Thank you to Silvia for starting such a fabulous Group.

Loving you Silvia!  Loving your Group!


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