pascale-gigonPascale Gigon
Co-Founder and CMO/CFO

Pascale Gigon is Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer / Chief Financial Officer of AdventurousBug, Corporation. As the CMO she leads the global marketing strategy, brand positioning, advertising, digital marketing, social media, and customer insights to drive long-term and short-term growth. As CFO, Pascale is responsible for the overall financial management of the company, its financial reporting and transparency. With her partner and Co-Founder Anna Marie Angeloni she drives the strategic and creative vision to facilitate AdventurousBug’s expansion into a leading community for women both at home and abroad. She builds and maintains relationships within the community she serves and works tirelessly to cultivate relationships outside the community that contribute to the growth and awareness of AdventurousBug. With over twenty years of work experience in both business and creative fields, holding numerous positions that have prepared her for her position as creative and financial head of

Ms. Gigon believes that every women deserves her “man cave” and it’s not the powder room or the kitchen. It’s her “space” to be and do whatever inspires her, whatever motivates her, whatever allows her to never regret having tried something. That “space” is what she wants it to be, a book club, climbing Mt. Everest, an excursion on the River Thames. That “space” is her adventure. Women have perfected the art of “multi-tasking,” but Ms. Gigon believes we’ve sacrificed a part of ourselves in the process.

As women we juggle many tasks in our lives and in many cases in between all that juggling we forget about ourselves, what are needs and wants are. AdventurousBug is the platform that gives women the necessary tools to create her adventure, whatever that would be. We’re here to inspire and support each other.

One of her many adventures: “I have nine scars on my body. They’re from an adventure I took early on in my childhood; 2 years old to be precise. An adventure that has shaped the person I am today and will continue to shape the person I am yet to be. I was born with congenital heart disease, a condition called tetralogy of fallot. I am not supposed to be alive today, but here I sit, writing a funnier, wittier more adventurous bio about myself. Am I lucky? One could say that. I believe I’m blessed. Blessed with a purpose that I’m not truly aware of yet; but over the span of years is beginning to unfold. My entire life has been an adventure, an adventure fraught with many detours and life affirming moments. I’ve stared death in the face and laughed and won. But here I sit, embarking on the biggest adventure of my life; seeing become reality. Am I scared? You bet I am. But I've already faced what I feel is the most terrifying adventure of my life, this my friends is a piece of cake. The journey ahead of me continues to unfold and I look forward to the adventure that lies before me. Anyone care to join me on my adventure?”

Ms. Gigon holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Finance from Lewis University, Romeoville, Il.

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