Magic Castle

LA-Magic-Castle_Featured-Image_06-02-16Magic Castle
7001 Franklin Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028

(323) 851-3313

Now although this is a private club, hang around L.A. long enough and you will know someone that can get you in, or if you are so inclined look into becoming a member.

This is a Magicians destination or anyone who likes to watch good magic, either in the large theatre or in the close up room.  You will even find magicians roaming the halls and lounges ready to give you an up close and personal show, just be sure to tip your magicians.  When you enter in the main lounge you will see, or better yet not see, Irma playing the piano.  Ask her to play your favorite tune and she just may know it.  But be sure to dress appropriately as the Magic Castle has a strict dress policy, and no photo policy.  Magic is magic and no photo takin is mandatory, phone photos or camera (this includes your phone), it is an absolute no no.  Take one outside before you enter or in the entry near host check in.  They also have a social media red carpet photo area with red rope and all.

The Magic Castle wasn’t always a private club, it was originally a house built by banker Rollin M. Lane in 1908.  After Mr. Lane was no longer a resident it would continue to have many lives and serve many purposes.  It was only later did it undergo renovations and became what it is today.

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