Counterpart Vegan Restaurant

Having been here several times I can't recommend this restaurant highly enough.  The food is fantastic, as is the service and location.  This eatery is located at the base of the Chavez Ravine, sound familiar? Yes that is where Dodger Stadium is located.

Counterpart is located on the corner of Echo Park Avenue and Delta Street. There is seating both inside and outside  with chairs and tables that literally step their way the up side on Delta St.  Speaking of hills, if you want to get a work out in first before you eat, or after, you will find one of the many staircases Echo Parks is famous for is located at the end Delta.

Counterpart Website

We would offer recommendations of what to order, however so far every dish is yummy!   Not sure about vegan?  Give this place a try, the chef may just turn you into a vegan.

Location: Counterpart 1559 Echo Park Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90026



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