The Nuts and Bolts

How do I find out about Event?
After registering for our Adventurous level, you will have full access to search for events that might be of interest to you which will contain the date, a brief description of the adventure, and you can see who else is going OR you can start your own Event.  We encourage you to be bold and adventurous so if you don’t see one, go for it and post an event, invite your friends to join

What type of people join?
Being a women’s only site you will find adventurous women, women who are looking to get out, expand their world and meet like-minded women.  Women who are wanting to make new friends and possibly try things they were too reluctant to try on their own.

Who sets up events?
Members of AdventurousBug just like you. Although our team sets up some events, AdventurousBug mission is to give women, just like you, the freedom of your adventurous spirit to take that leap and organize events in your community.

How many people attend these events?
Depending on the activity, attendance will vary.  If you need to limit the number of members to an event you have that ability in the Event Form

What if I see a man or a troll on the site?
If a male or troll tries to access or joins we ask that you notify us, they are pulled from the site as quickly as we are made aware of the situation.  We do this because we want to create a trustworthy site for women in a trustworthy private environment.  Now we do love men but this site is about supporting women.  And hacker trolls, well they just ruin the fun.

How can I see the calendar of Events?
On our homepage select the link that says Events. This will take you to the current activities within your area.  Don't see anything?  Start something, that is the best way to help grow your social connections and AdventurousBug.

Who can participate in these Events?
Any female over the age of 18 that is a paid Adventurous member.

How much do Event cost?
Events are generally free to join; however, there may be costs associated to participate in the event. For example, show tickets, cooking classes, dinner, lift tickets, transportation, etc... Use your best judgment when attending an event; we hold no responsibilities for events that are posted.

How do I know if an Event is right for me?
The description of the event should give you a good idea of what to expect. If there is something you want to try, get signed up! If you have questions email the event organizer.

How do I sign up for an Event?
When logged in you can go through the event section and look for event listings, click on event that interests you, open the event and click “RSVP”. Also, if you are looking for something particular you can use the search bar and type in a subject that may be relevant and do a search (note: not all events may have the same search tag word you entered).

How do I remove myself from an Event?
Go to the event open the event and click “Cancel RSVP” note: If you decide you can't make it, please remember do this step in a timely manner, it will allow another AdventurousBug member to take your place, and shows courtesy in letting the organizer know that you are unable to attend.

What is my responsibility as an AdventurousBug participant?
Be on time if the event requires a time commitment, plan accordingly. Be courtesy and treat each other with respect. Email the organizer if you have questions.

What are my rights as an AdventurousBug participant?
To have fun, make friends and have a great adventure!

Can I bring a friend along?
Yes, ONLY if they have registered as an Adventurous Member and have signed up for the Event.

Can I contact other members about a listed Event?
Yes. You can do this through our message system. Also in the listed event you can ‘Leave a Reply’ or click on the Event Host/Event Creator name, or a member who signed up, click on their name and their profile page will appear and under their cover photo you will see the ability to send them a public or private message directly.

How can I help create a buzz about AdventurousBug?
Tell your friends & family by calling them or sharing our website, Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter. Post on your favorite Internet message boards, other related websites, or newsgroups and tell them about us. If you have a Blog outside of our site, please feel free to link the blog to your profile at

What if there are no Events in my area?
You can start one and also invite your friends to be members of AdventurousBug.  You don't have to fill out an application form or sign any contracts to start events in your area. Our goal is to reach all areas of the country, and beyond and to have several thousands of members registered. Since we are at the start up of our businesses we may not have reached your area, yet. However, as we grow and through word of mouth, we anticipate a solid growth of events across the country and overseas. Try posting a couple events in your area, maybe there is something you already do often and would like to bring more women in to join you, and then get the word out for more people to register on the website and attend your event. Something as simple as a dinner or a walking group can get things going.  Get the word out by posting flyers in your local women’s gyms, women’s centers, stores, schools, gyms, or newsgroup postings, etc. Call or broadcast email everyone you know or anyone you think would be interested.

Also starting a Group on the site can be of help, sharing the same interests can quickly grow your possibilities.

Like the old saying goes: “She told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on and so on”

Should I tell others about AdventurousBug?
Yes! We are a startup, but see great things in our future; we believe women have a need to bond together and really develop friendships.  We believe in using the internet to get off the internet.  Tell your friends & family by calling, emailing, go on to our social network links that are listed on our site.  Next, post on your favorite internet message boards, similarly related websites, or newsgroups and tell them about us.

The Web Site

How does it work?
After registering if you are an Explorer member you can immediately start a blog or a forum, and you can read others or subscribe to your favorites.  You can make your blog public to share with everyone you know and grow your blog followers. If you are a AdventurousBug member you can immediately begin to search for events, start an event, add to our Travel section, blog, forum, friend other members, and so forth.

How do I post my pictures?
If you attended an event, you can post pictures on the Reply section of the Event to share with those that attended.  Or if you want to post pictures directly to your page simply add a post in your Recent Activity feed.

I belong to a local club. Can we use your website?
Absolutely. As long as your club members are females over the age of 18 and are paid Adventurous members of AdventurousBug.

Coordinating Activities & Posting Guidelines

Who can coordinate Events?
Any Adventurous level member can.

Can I coordinate an Event?
Yes, as long as you are an Adventurous level member. We encourage all our members to be adventurous and coordinate events as this is the cornerstone of our site.

How do I plan an Event?
If you are familiar with a particular area or event there is not much planning to do (See “How do I post and Event”) Also, the Web is a great resource for learning about new things to see and do. If you are interested in checking out a new place or adventure it is likely others would like to come along.

How do I post an Event?
Go to the Events page. And click Add an Event. Make the event title clear and concise. Next chose the date, time, location, maximum number of people, and write a description of the event. Include other relevant information so others can make an informed decision whether they will attend. All of this information, if there are changes or updates please be sure to notify all RSVP’d members of our event. A great place to have conversation about your event is in the ‘Leave a Reply’ section of your event, be sure to check if anyone has questions and comments on the event you posted.  If you have to cancel your event, it is up to you to notify ALL members who signed up.

How can I communicate with members signed up for my Event?
If you have updates and/or changes under your Member page go to Event drop down ‘My Events’ and click on ‘RSVPS’ under the event you would like to change, see ‘Email all RSVPS’ fill out form and click ‘Submit’. Because of busy schedules it is a good idea to communicate with participants as the date approaches, it serves to remind people of the even, and their commitment to attend. People often forget and upon receiving the reminder will remove themselves if they are unable to attend.

What are my responsibilities as an AdventurousBug Event Organizer?
Include information about the event, as much as reasonably possible, time, location, location’s phone number is helpful, and possible weather conditions if outdoors, etc. If there are specific details regarding the event, example camping, beach, weekend away include what members can expect and what they should bring.

What are my rights as an AdventurousBug organizer?
If you have to cancel the event give members reasonable notification.  If there are changes to the event, you must notify all RSVPs of those changes.  You can also ask that a member co-host the event with you.

Can I edit or delete an Event once I post it?
Yes. Select the ‘Edit Event’ click ‘move to trash’, again notify all RSVPs if you have to cancel within a reasonable amount of time.  Or reach out and see if someone can host in your place, and if so notify all signed up members of event host change.   At the top of the active window select the tab Adventure Details. Make the changes and then Update.  An email will be generated notifying of cancellation. Members that have signed up may be disappointed if you have to cancel but are generally understanding.

Can I remove or add members to my Event?
Yes. If you need to cancel a member’s RSVP for any reason you can do that in your event by clicking ‘Cancel RSVP’ next to their name.  Again please notify them that they have been removed.

Can I charge money for my Event?
No, you cannot charge people to attend your event. is not responsible for costs you incur as a result of an event you coordinate or join. If there is an event that has a cost associated with it for example tickets, rentals, etc, it is best you notify members in the description section of the event with links where they can purchase tickets directly.  We do not encourage money to exchange hands between members.  AdventurousBug, Corp is not responsible for any financial transactions between members.  We ask that you use common sense when you or another member post costs of an event.

How do I encourage people to sign up?
Do your research, post as much event details as possible.

Should I tell others about AdventurousBug?
Yes! Tell your friends & family by calling, sharing our website and all our social media outreach tools.  Next, post on your favorite Internet message boards, other related websites, or newsgroups and tell them about finding us.

What do I get out of it?
An AdventurousBug life!  The biggest reward is seeing the smile on others faces, making friends, sharing experiences. Most people that organize and join events get satisfaction in playing apart in growing their life and the lives of other women. Consequently, they keep doing it. An adventure organizer is the cornerstone of our site, the site we are creating for YOU, without them we wouldn't exist.

What if I have more questions?
Contact us at our Contact Us link at the bottom of the website.

How can I contact you?
Use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the website.

Your Account

I can't login, or I forgot my username or password.
If you can't login, check to make sure that your "caps lock" key is off. Your username and password are CaSe SeNsItIvE. If you still cannot login, you can request to reset your password. If you’re still having trouble contact us.

How can I delete my account?
If you are absolutely sure that you want to delete your account, go to your Member page, My Subscription drop down and click ‘My Subscriptions’ see click Unsubscribe.  We offer no refunds. If you want to rejoin you will have to re-join as a first timer. Helpful tip PayPal Subscription Cancellation.

How can I update my profile?
To update your profile, you must visit ‘Member’ page, go to ‘My Account’ drop down, there you will see different areas of your profile you can edit.

How can I update my email address?
You can update your email address on the ‘My Account’ see drop down ‘Account Settings’ page.

How can I change my password?
You can update your password in the "My Account" see drop down 'Account Settings' page.

How can I report an error or other problems with the site?
To report an error or problems with the site, you can contact us at the link located at the bottom of the website.

Reporting Abuse
How can I deal with someone that is bothering me?

If someone is bothering or harassing you, ‘cancel friendship’ is usually the best solution. Contact us immediately if the issue persists and we will look into the problem.

How can I report or block spam or other inappropriate content?
You can report or block spam, pornography, or any other inappropriate content in your email page by notifying us immediately and we will look into it.


Can I choose who sees my profile?
Only members you have accepted, or who has accepted your ‘Friendship’ has access to your profile.  People you have not connected with you as friends can only see a limited amount of information, and Explorer members are unable to connect as ‘friends’.  Your membership is not accessible to the general public.

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