Managing Groups


Once you sign in click Members on the Members Dashboard.

Click the “Groups” button in the drop down box.

This will bring you to a page where you can join or create a group.



Create a Group

Click the “Create a Group” button  at  the  top  of  the  page.


Once you have completed all 6 steps click the “Create Group and Continue” button at the bottom.

Replying, sharing and inviting others to a Group

Simply open the Group and reply in the text box provided.

Moderators and Administrators
Moderators: When a group member is promoted to be a moderator of the group, it means that the member receives the following additional abilities:
  • Edit group details, including the group name and group description
  • Edit, close, and delete any forum topic or post in the group
Administrators: Administrators have total control over the contents and settings of a group. That includes all the abilities of moderators, as well as the ability to:
  • Change group-wide settings. For instance, administrators can turn group forums on or off, change group status from public to private, and toggle on or off various other group functionality provided by plugins
  • Change the group avatar
  • Manage group members. More specifically, only group administrators have the power to promote members to moderators, or to ban individual users from the group
  • Delete the group
Join and Leave Groups

You can do this from inside the Group home page or on the main directory for Groups



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