Bucket List Challenges


Bucket List Challenges can be managed through the Bucket List Challenges section.

Click Bucket List Challenges in Members toolbarHere you can view My Bucket List Challenges, Add New Challenge or View All Challenges that are occurring on AdventurousBug. It will look like this:

Add a Challenge

This will bring you to a page where you can enter the text for the challenge. Enter the title of the challenge, challenge details and a short excerpt that describes the challenge in one sentence.


Challenge Types: Select a category for the challenge. You can do this in the Challenge Types box:


You have Publishing selections to choose from, until you are ready to Publish,

*Note if you do not Save Draft or Publish it will be lost.

Publishing the Challenge: Once you’re done setting up the challenge, hit the blue Publish button to make it live on the site!  *Note: Don't want to publish it right away? You can set a date and time in the Publish 'Edit' tab.


Return to Back to Profile to view your Challenge


Edit a Challenge

You can choose to edit any of the existing challenges. This is done through the same Challenge section

Click on Challenge that you want to edit. A menu will appear below the post that gives you the option to “edit” an individual item:


This will bring you to a page where you can edit the text of the challenge.

Once you’ve completed making your changes, be sure to click the blue [Update] button to publish the changes to the website.

Delete a Challenge

If you want to remove a Challenge from the website, you can do so through the Challenges section. Select the Challenge you want delete, Click “Edit”.   A menu will appear the post that gives you the option to “Trash” an individual item:


When you click “Trash” it will move the post to the trash and remove it from your profile

Join a Challenge

Go to Bucket List Challenges.  You can select to Filter By Challenge Type or view all.


Bucket List Challenges will populate, simply click “Join This Challenge” Button


To leave a Challenge, go open up the Challenge you joined and click “Leave Challenge” Button

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