Finding Your Inner Chef – Holiday Edition

November 24, 2020

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

As we move into the holiday season, one thing is certain, this year it will be vastly different. However, it doesn't mean that we still can't enjoy the days ahead. Albeit, less people, but the same great food. Some of us may find ourselves having to cook instead of spending the day with family and friends. This realization may scare some, but fear not, Miss Kathleen and AdventurousBug are here to help.

Join us as we prepare a dish that we all can be proud of. We'll reminisce about the signature dish that was / is our favorite and the one (if there is one) that we detest. We’ll learn how to carve that magnificent bird. Have a dish passed down to you from your Mom or Grandmother and looking to put your own spin on it, we’ll help you do that too. Food is Family, Love and tradition. How we celebrate our traditions is a hopeful and an interesting part of us. Join us and share stories of holidays past, food and learn in the process.

We'll be preparing a mash potato dish so bring you're favorite recipe to the 'table' and let's have some fun.

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Anna Marie Angeloni

I am bringing a guest 🙂 looking forward to this thank you for creating this adventure

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