Wildlife Wednesday: Olifants River in Emangusi, South Africa

Today’s Wildlife Wednesday is taking us to Olifants River in Emangusi, South Africa.

This lifecam camera is set on the banks of the Olifants River near the Naledi Game Lodge. Animals you can regularly see in this river are Hippos and crocodiles. Along it’s banks you can see elephants and giraffes grazing. If you’re lucky enough you may catch some baboons, waterbuck, bushbuck, impalas, storks, herons and owls. A waterbuck, what’s a waterbuck? This is a big antelope with a characteristic white circle around its tail and a collar of white hair round its neck.

Interesting fact about the Olifants River: due to green algae thriving in this river it has become the most polluted river in South Africa.

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