Trip That Almost Wasn’t

BugBuzzTripWasntAdventures do not always go as planned but if you let it just happen the unplanned detour can take your breath away. Death Valley was a trip planned for weeks, as the "Check Engine" light shinned brightly an unexpected storm of wind, dust wall, rain, hail, snow, road closures and a couple of near misses on rock slides, with one large rock bouncing hitting the undercarriage of the van, "Check Engine" light shutting off rock fixing what ever issue must be going on, they didn’t let that stop these two ladies… they opened up the map and found a place outside Death Valley called Lone Pine. They waved goodbye to Death Valley and it was Lone Pine or bust. 12 hours later they set up camp and awoke the next morning to two days of peace, beauty and fun Adventures ahead.

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What a fun story.