Share Worthy Stories that Make You Say, “Wholly Marconi Did You See This?!”

Ironman?  More like Ironwoman,  Bobbe Greenberg does not take life for granted, she takes it the best way anyone can, by living it.
As we peruse little tidbits of stories on our daily swipe or morning news read there are stories that jump out at you and then you share, share and share some more.  Here is one we saw that was absolutely in the Share Worthy line up.
Bobbe learned to swim in her 50s and now at 73 is a regular feature at Ironman. This year she returns for the seventh time defending her title in Ironman World Champion as women 70-74.  As she continues her journey challenging herself and not stopping, we can learn a lot from Bobbe.  Your age or skill level should not matter.  What does matter is how you want to live your best self.  Whether it is perfecting what you already are good at or becoming fantastic at something completely new. It is all up to you.


Click here to learn more of her story here is the article from the Washington Post that made this Share Worthy.


“It’s like a drug,” she said. “I’m sweating, and I’m pushing myself to my limits, and there’s something very exhilarating. I think it’s that feeling of youthfulness or vibrancy. … There’s something it gives to me that I’m not able to get in any other way in my life.”  Bobbe Greenberg






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