New Favorite Quote Book in the Office

Quote books, you all have seen them.  Beautifully Said by Quotabelle however is a new favorite my friend Silvia gave me over the holidays.  What I like about this book, and which I believe sets it apart from any other, is this:  The Quotes come with not only who originated the quote but the biographies are all women!  I have never seen a book that gives a quick glance at the achievements of the person quoted.  I enjoy even the table of Contents because some days I need a little laughter or some good coaching, "She..." table of Contents makes it easy.  Every morning I read one and every night I read another.  With each page I learn about these women and then I am off to Google to learn more.  Thank you to Silvia for giving me Beautifully Said, it now sits on the office coffee table next to my son's gift to me Women in Science 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World by Rachel Ignotofsky.  Women throughout history often are forgotten, but step by step these authors and publishers are hearing our call for more.


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Silvia Ramezani

I have my book in my guest bathroom. Not sure if it’s a good idea having it there but it works for me.