Ladies Who Brunch Break Bread

This is the reason we do what we do.    AB is all about women meeting up to share adventures, some who have never met.

AdventurousBug’s “Ladies Who Brunch” ventured out on a beautiful Sunday morning to Sagebrush Cantina in Calabasas California. The buffet of food was far beyond a few choices, they included a butcher section slicing up fresh meats, salads and more salads.  Another section of shrimp, crab legs, caviar and mussels. They had breakfast of eggs, pancakes, waffles, fresh fruits, omelets. Did someone crave sushi? Yes, even sushi was on the menu. You think of it they had it. …ohh and tequila!  Topping the day off with deserts that melted in your mouth. More Cheesecake please.

They ladies had so much fun by the end of the brunch they had combined their party with two other tables full of women. By the time the bunch ended their friendships grew from those they knew to new people they now call friends.

If you’re interested in joining us on our next excursion sign up at and see what an adventurous life you can begin to live. 

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