Getting Back to Nature, Virtually

Finding ways to keep ourselves sane while we continue to “social distance” and abide by “stay-at-home” measures can be daunting at times. For us introverts this should be a breeze, right? We’ll this introvert is having a hard time at this isolation and so are my family and friends who are extroverts. These are uncharted times for us. So, how am I trying to cope you ask? By finding ways to get back to nature virtually. For those of you who need to disengage from all that is going on in this world check out this relaxing hike through the Redwood National Park. Together we will get through this. Know that we at AB are here for you. Stay safe and healthy.

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Anna Marie Angeloni

loving this virtual touring right now. I have been here many times and it is nice to revisit when we can’t leave our homes.