Feeling Antsy? Check Out Ideas We Have For You :)

We are putting our heads together to figure out what to do at home now that we must stay put.   If you are anything like us cleaning out your refrigerator took on a whole new meaning and who knew that sweat pants would become quite the fashion statement.   These times can be trying so let's find a silver lining in all of this.  Here are some ideas that may help you with your time at home and a great way to make this time matter.

·       Marie Kondo, check her out on Netflix and YouTube and find your happiness.  Take our word for it your home will never be the same.  Anything you want to donate, put them in bags or boxes and when charities open back up you can help someone in need.

·       Organize your digital photos.  All those 10,000 photos got you down?  There are many apps you can download on your computer to help you get this done.  You would be surprised at the number of duplicates you have or unnecessary photos taking up your hard drive.  The plus side once organized is that you will be able to share them with your family or friends, maybe they would like some of those photos you took at your Uncle's birthday, pictures of the last family reunion, or that trip you took with your girlfriends.

·       Visit Museums Virtually, there are hundreds of museums that have streaming tours both in your city and abroad. In one day, you can travel to Italy, Paris and Argentina.  Imagine that!  You are also able to donate to these museums through their websites which is a good way to keep museums funded during this time.

·       Create your Bucket List, you know that thing you put in your head when you see something and say "I want to go there, do that, learn this", write it down!  Did you know you are more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down, or in this case your Bucket List Goals?

·       Make a list of people, family and friends to call whether they are some you talk to often, as well as ones you don't.  We all have people we think about from time to time, don't be shy give them a call, if just to check if they are well during this health emergency.  You can even ask if they need anything.  Don't know their phone number but know their address, go old school and send them a letter. Imagine how nice it would be to go to your mailbox and find a nice note ???? Know their email, go for it.

·       Classes, classes, classes!!!  The world is full of great classes to take whether its knitting, painting, accounting, guitar lessons, a new language, there are so many things out there to explore. Need a new career, take a course.  You can even learn how to make mustard, so fill your brain with knowledge.

·       Books, that time tested relaxation thing called reading.  We all have books we swear we are going to get to.  There is nothing that beats a good read in your pjs with hot cup of tea near the reading lamp.  Dive into Non-Fiction or Fiction whatever is your preference, silence your phone and go for it.

·       Not sure what to do?  Ask your friends what they are doing, maybe they can suggest things to you.  Sharing during this time is crucial to our soul and talking with friends about what is working for them during this time can help.

·       Games bring out the fun in any day.  Home with your spouse, the kids or roomies, break out some board or card games.  You don't have to leave the games for "game night" have fun, some laughs and healthy competition, it is good for you.

·       Need some meditative time out, pull out a puzzle or coloring book, these are great methods for relaxation.

·       Need to pump up the energy in the house, turn on the music and have a dance party.  Whether it’s some Salt n' Pepper, Diana Ross and the Supremes or Lady Gaga just get your grove on.

·       Virtual world is out there.  Virtual Happy Hours are all the rage right now and no one cares if you are in your pjs or yoga pants.  Plan a time, invite friends and enjoy.  Add your event on AB, yes that is what you call a little plug.  Oh, and don't forget your cocktails.

·       Garden love, if you have a patio or yard get familiar with your outside world, pull some weeds, trim the hedges, cut some flowers for the house, put your toes in the grass, lay back and just watch the clouds roll by.

·       Blog yourself silly.  If you always wanted to blog now you have time, go for it!  AB has a great blog feature, just another little shameless plug.  If you are a DIY'er, cook, traveler, mom, business leader, you name it blog about it We want to hear from you.

·       Workout, pick a time and stick to it.  Habits are important and your health can easily get side tracked right now.  There are classes you can take online, such as yoga, dance, strengthening just to name a few.

·       On the flip side, give yourself a break, these are not easy times, so if you need or want just one day to lay around and stream Netflix go for it!!

·       One more for today.  If you EVER wanted to start a business, now is the time to do the research, the classes needed and the prep required because someday soon this world will need to get back on its feet. And if you wanted to be your own boss, employee people and build your great business, now is a good time to gain those necessary skills.

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