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You ever sit back and read a story that makes you smile, jump for joy and want to share with everyone?  Well we here at AB feel the same way.  So we have come up with a new feature we are calling, Favorite Story of the Week.

This one struck our Team as a "Whoo-hoo" and "What took so long?'  The Headline of the story from by reporter Adam Kramer

Adam Kramer on College Football: Callie Brownson Hire at Dartmouth Makes History

(click link for article)

A few reasons we picked this story.  Darmouths head coach Buddy Teevens hired the first female college full-time coach, Callie Brownson.  He didn't know he was making history, he felt he was making the best decision for his team.  And that is what makes this story so wonderful, it isn't about making decisions because of some corporate protocol to "look inclusive", but because she was the right person for the job.

Callie  has been a lover of football since she started playing at the age of 10.  Unfortunately she wasn't able to play on her high school team but that didn't stop her, she had figured out a way to play and no one kept her from her passion.  She played D.C. Divas of the Women's Football Alliance from 2010 through 2017 as a safety and running back. She was a five-time captain and four-time WFA All-American. And if that wasn't enough she won two gold medals for Team USA.  Her goal now, get that Ivy League title.

As for Buddy Teeven, this quote in the article says it all.  "People will say, 'Oh, you hired a woman.' No. I hired a coach, and I think that's important," Teevens says. "My responsibility is to bring in the best people to help put our team in a position to have success, and there's a variety of characteristics and traits you look for. She had every one of them."

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