A Night With Marie Forleo

I have to confess I have an addiction to Marie Forleo.

My friend Silvia turned me on to her some years ago and ever since she has made me laugh, think, re-imagine, and realize everything is Figureoutable!  I am also partial to her because she is Italian, and she speaks her mind...oh wait yeah that just comes with the fact she is Italian.  We always do.   So after a few years of watching MarieTV and taking some tips from B-School she was coming to Los Angeles to promote her recent, and now #1 New York Times Best Selling book, Everything is Figureoutable at the Skirball Center.  So with that in mind my friend Silvia, another friend and I quickly snagged some tickets.  Watching her speak I found her hilarious, mindful, engaging, knowledgeable, honest and unapologetic for the F-bombs she throws around.   I am often partial to those that share their talents and knowledge to help and benefit others.

Marie Forleo's book is now part of our book club read.  We have already started digging into pages and look forward to some new tidbits of knowledge we can benefit from.

Thank you Marie Forleo.


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