3rd Annual Vision Board Party 2020 Was 20/20 Vision Baby!!!

AdventurousBug would like to thank everyone that came out! 

Special thanks and shout out to Maggie the Wine Lady and Yoga with Jessica for leading us off in meditation with glass in hand.  This was our Third Annual Vision Board party and the weather couldn't have been more perfect.  The day started out with Maggie educating us on wine as we did the S's of tastings.  Jessica lead us in a relaxing meditation which helped us come in tune with our body and mind.  Thank you to Kat for bringing extra boards for our group of Adventurous Women.  Once the magazines started flying, so did our visions. 

The friendships, the food, meditation, visions, wine, clipping, pasting, sharing, more cheese please.  Anita you were the cheese queen thank you for working your magic!  And where the heck did those scissors go again 😉  You all inspire us with your visions for this year.  We are proud and honored to have you as members of our growing community.  We look forward to watching your visions become reality.

Keep envisioning your future, because you got this!


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