Where My Boots Take Me

Don't let your limitations, limit you.

My motto: Grab pack, lace up boots, head out.  There is so much to see in our beautiful big world, don't wait to see it tomorrow, because tomorrow never comes.  Even if it is just a few hours, live a life outside. I am not a professional photographer, and currently that works for me.  Maybe one day I will figure out all the functions my camera has and Photoshop, but for now I shoot what I see and enjoy it.

My travels are not just about hiking, it is about living.  During COVID that is much more symbolic.  Finding remote places for peace of mind.

2020 has already started with breath taking places

Bye 2019

Images to Close Out 2018

Some Years Past and Present 2017

On The Road ~ September 20, 2016 ~

In the heart of America. Shots taken from the passenger seat.

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nice pictures. road trips are fun.

Silvia Ramezani

Amazing Pictures Anna !

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