My True Love

The second week of my job was the same as the first. In fact, it was worse. Sandra was never happy with anything that I did and I would be “talked to” on almost a daily basis. On top of that, she belittled me and treated me as less than her. I was going into work feeling sick and started to wonder whether the place was worth it. I have toughened it out at previous jobs that weren’t great, but I draw the line when it begins to affect my physical state. Nothing is worth losing my health. Every night, I went home weighing the pros and cons of staying there. While at work, though, I was focused and on top of everything. I treated my job like it was the most important thing in the world because that is how I operate when working. I don’t have a problem working too little. The problem is that I don’t know when to stop!

Even though everything was going so wrong at my job, I still adored the city and enjoyed every other aspect of it, especially my true love: dance! The first week on the job, I decided to check out the dance studio in New York. I wanted to continue my dancing immediately and also wanted to stay with the same company that I was a part of in Los Angeles. There were several of those studios to choose from in New York, and I chose the studio closest to my job. It turned out to be the best decision I could make. Arthur Murray Manhattan has some of the best dance teachers in New York City. With New York being a dance city, that is a high bar to reach. When I entered the studio on February 19, I was nervous yet confident because I was coming from Arthur Murray Sherman Oaks where I received excellent training. The Los Angeles studio also still felt like my family. I knew that this new studio had to prove themselves to me. It didn’t take long for them to do that. I introduced myself to the teachers and they were all really nice. I also told all of them plus some students that I came from Los Angeles and had danced for a year. In hindsight, I’m sure that I annoyed them with this information.

Then a teacher named Kelsey introduced me to my new instructor. That is when my attitude changed. His name was Gherman and I immediately knew that he set the bar high with dancing. During our lesson, he was feeling me out to see where I was at in my practice, but also asking questions at the same time, all the while never missing a dance step. He was flawless, as a dancer and instructor. I felt like I was in good hands but also knew I needed to step up my game. At my old studio, I had some amazing instructors who taught me so much and also knew my story. I felt like I could tell them anything and that they accepted me no matter what. I improved my dancing while there but wasn’t always around to take lessons throughout the year because I was traveling so much. There is so much that I missed out on by being absent and I wasn’t going to let that happen at the new studio. I wasn’t only moving to New York to settle down and work, but to dive 100% into my dancing. I knew that Gherman was the right person for this goal. He went easy on me during our first practice, but I could tell that wasn’t going to last. The best teachers, in my opinion, are the ones who don’t go soft on their students but challenge them to be better. That is what I craved and was so happy to have found.

By the time the second week came around, Gherman and I began practicing for our first dance show and the nice guy had left the room. When practicing with him, I had to be on my toes and focusing the entire time. Any misstep and I would hear from him. However, anytime I did a good job, he told me as well. He was a combination of a tough yet encouraging teacher. I was also quickly becoming a better dancer in his hands. I respected him and listened to everything he said. I followed him so easily not only because of his teaching skills but because of the pictures I saw around the studio. I saw photos of him dancing in competitions and winning awards. He was clearly at the top of his game so I had no reason to doubt him. He was also focused on dance and nothing else which helped me focus as well. That week, we rehearsed our routine for the show until we knew it backward and forwards. That Saturday evening, we performed it. I nailed it and many people, including Gherman, were impressed. It was a very proud moment for me. I knew that no matter what happened with my job, New York was where I was meant to be. By staying there, I could pursue my one true love.

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Anna Marie Angeloni

big hugs to you !! Well Done.

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