Exploring the City with Girlfriends – Augustine Wine Bar

Let the good times get poured Augustine Wine Bar

Has there been a night when a friend says, "I want to take you to this wine bar, I think you will like it."  And you go because #1 she is your friend #2 new places are fun to explore and #3 IT'S A WINE BAR!  Meaning you guessed it wine!  So you head out and walk into a swanky wine bar on Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks.  Now for those that know Ventura Blvd., the choices are endless.  Having been to many of the places, it seems there is always a new place to venture into.

Okay let's get to the point, the wine.  What is nice about Augustine Wine Bar, besides how beautiful and intimate it is inside, you step up to the front and the wine steward, or if you want to be fancy the French word is sommelier, greets you and asks what type of wine do you like? Do you prefer dry, fruity, bitter and on down the list.  Often it is well within your experience to ask, "What do you like?"  This is a great way to break out of your ordinary.  The tasting is free, which is a rare occurrence, however once you get a few tastings you  quickly find your choice.  The sommeliers are knowledgeable and first rate.   They don't rush you but take their time teaching you about the wine you taste.  If it isn't to your liking they are helpful and ask just the right questions to help narrow down the one that is perfect for your palate.  They are the Encyclopedia of wine. 


The ambience is upscale yet casual.  There are rare bottles that are on display for purchase or a glass.  The chalkboard menu list premium and rare wines that are in for the season or hard to find.  None of the wines here you will find at your grocery, and after a wine tour in Napa the price of a good bottle of wine make sense.   The list of wines one the menu vary in varieties and taste.  Then we ordered the cheese plate, can't have wine without cheese.  You thought they knew about wine then they begin to discuss the cheese.  Yes Heaven is here, great wine, great cheese and great people all around.  At Augustine Wine Bar we have made many friends.  If celebrities are your thing you might spot a few.  However if a good dinner is your thing they have a full kitchen, but make reservations as the place is intimate.

Explore a new place, it might become a favorite new place.  Now I take other friends for their first time experience.  Word of mouth continues.





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