Appreciation and Gratitude

Hello! I'm going to share a story of Dr. Rao.  Before I do, I'm going to share a feeling of jealousy that I experience last week.  You see those of you that know me well, know that celebrate other people's triumph especially those of my friends and family.  Lately, I was feeling down, but differently then other times.  I have seen my friend's success when it comes to their careers, then I met someone new in my neighborhood.  I was invited to have coffee while my daughter had to spend time with my friends daughter, same age, same school.  Now me feeling "jealous"  didn't happened right away but it that nasty feeling in my stomach was just about to happen on my way  home.  Now don't get me wrong, I compliment her and felt genuinely  happy for her, why wouldn't I.  As I'm walking up a few steps to her front door I see an open space overlooking at the backyard and to my right hand side a lounge area for my cup of coffee every morning.  Yup! I wished it was me showing my beautiful, amazing home.   You get the picture, I was jealous!  After enjoying a glass of water and great conversation we left.  I live in a amazing neighborhood with great hikes trails in the city of Oak Park.  Thereafter, I was depress!  Days after, I realized that It wasn't just the house, or seeing my friends' route to success , but I was ALL ME!! I have expectations for my self and not knowing what's my purpose in life was making me feel like there was something wrong with me.  Sleeping more than ever was not getting me anywhere nor this was not the way I want to live my life.  I remember hearing, "Affirming your actions instead of the outcome puts you in the driver’s seat."  Hum wasn't doing that.  with that said there's more to having a big house.  And Yes, I still want a bigger house, my home but not my main focus.  I'm thankful for my friend Anna, I miss her and our conversations. 🙂

There was a mighty emperor known far and wide for his good deeds and able administration.  He had a practice,  one day in every year he would hold forth and any person whom came to him with a legitimate request would get something would get a grant.  A beggar in the far corners of the kingdom heard about this and decided that he too wanted to receive some benefits.  So he made his way to the Capital and it took him many weeks, but he hurried so he reached the Capital before the day on which the Kind bestowed boons.  He found himself in front of a large Temple and unseen by the Temple priest managed to entered and he went to sleep behind the idol.  He spend the night there and suddenly there was a commotion, this was the day the King bestowed boons, and the King himself had come to the Temple to pray in private.  Covering with fear the beggar remain behind the idol, careful to make no noise in fact barely breathing and the beggar heard the King pray, The king prayed for more wealth, for victory over his enemies, for a larger army and he had a long list of things that he wanted.  When the king left, the beggar slipped out quietly and went back to his village.  "There's no point is asking the king anything" he said, "the king too, is a beggar, just like me."

Our life is a endless story of wanting more, we are driven by our desires.  We want more money,  bigger house, better relationship with our spouses maybe  better spouses.  This quest for more is something that has seized us and taken over our lives and we are so intent upon acquiring more, upon bettering ourselves in some way that we totally ignore what we already have that is taken for granted.  Flip this around do not expend your emotional energy on the two, three things that you think that your lacking in your life instead recognize the many things that you have that are true blessing but you have completely ignored.

Gratitude is more than a cerebral recollection.  Rather, it is best experienced by immersing yourself in the emotion itself.   Remember to practice gratitude before you go to bed tonight it's powerful.

  1.  make a list of at least 3 things you are grateful for in your life.  "I'm talking about having a roof over your head."
  2.   FEEL the gratitude.
  3. Share 3 things you are grateful for.  Feel free to share pictures.

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