It’s been 3 weeks since I went back to work.  The first two weeks I was EXHAUSTED!!!!!! thinking what was I thinking! Go to work! ME! Then I though Ok! I was the one who wanted to work, remember!,  though 9-2 PERFECT! drop off kids, go to work, pick up kids PERFECT! Thinking I want to work, like I don’t have enough on my plate.  House, kids, husband, dog, volunteering at school, not to mention my online business! WOW! what am I thinking, right! I nearly ran out of air.

Came back to reality very quickly.  3 weeks after, I’ll say that I look forward to dressing up, finally I’m able to wear heels, put on make up, and accessorize this is definitely the ONE thing that I lOVE!  Secondly, my job is super fast pace that my time goes by so fast! love that! and making money is not bad at all.

En Otras Palabras, “other words” I’m content for now, This part-time job is working with my family and it works with my schedule.

To all the mothers out there whose kids are a little bit older and finding oneself feeling that you want to feel alive! feeling that you belong!  wanting to get out of your leggings and UGGS!  getting a par-time job is what you need !  I’m feeling grateful, thankful, and HAPPY!

If your asking yourselves, What is she talking about? MORE WORK? not exactly, if you already doing what you love, then say no more.  If you're like me searching for that passion and making a living out of loving what you do, YES! that what I’m taking about!!!

I opened Pedaling Sprocket in October 2014, loved every minute, going to bed at 2 am and waking up  5 hours to take kids to school and getting back to Pedaling Sprocket was nice.  After a while it became work! literally not my passion.  At Pedaling Sprocket we provide cycling accessories.  It’s a great business our first year we did pretty good and its growing without putting to much effort.   Now its on auto mode, meaning we sell, we ship out.  Perfect right! Yes! But it’s not what I love and enjoy doing.  Maybe, just maybe this was one of the reasons I felt the need to get out of my home.  Needed to get out.




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Wonderful!!!! I love your story you should share it on FB 🙂 So proud of your journey.

Anna Marie Angeloni

Keep up the work and keep us updated on your progress

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