You Grilled What?!

My fondest memories as a child were the summers when my Dad would cook in the front yard. That round black Weber grill, charcoal of course, was prominently displayed in the driveway for all to see. I still to this day remember the pungent smell of lighter fluid and gazing at the charcoal briquettes as they transformed from a deep black to a soft grey. Those briquettes were mesmerizing and the aromas that emanated from that grill were spectacular. Growing up in the Midwest though limited your grilling season. It wasn't feasible to grill during the winter months or was it? I don't remember us grilling during winter as a child, but my father does on occasion grill now, on Christmas! Yep, that's right, Christmas. He grills a beef tenderloin. Grilling to me meant togetherness, good times and oh so tasty morsels. It had a profound impact on me as a child and now as an adult I relish in the art of grilling. I love to cook in general. There is something about preparing and cooking food that is so therapeutic and peaceful for me. Living in California I have the opportunity to grill all year round, yes, even in the rain, when it does rain, and then my world is complete. I’ve made it my quest to explore whether or not everything is grillable.


It’s the weekend, in the middle of a pandemic and today’s breakfast includes a treat, pain au chocolat! What could go wrong? Oh, I don’t know. The oven goes out? You guessed it, the oven is on the fritz AND the gas company may not be doing service calls during the pandemic. What’s a girl to do? Well, grill them of course!

Ready, Set, Go!
Are they done yet? Asking for a friend.
Well, I'll be, it worked! A little extra crispy on the bottom, but that's fixable.

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Silvia Ramezani

This memory is probably the beginning of the love of cooking. That’s awesome! I remember as a child going to my grandmothers at the Ranch and she would make us eggs straight up went outside took the eggs from the Chickens “organic” and OH! the taste, Ah! I still remember how delicious it was!!!!

Anna Marie Angeloni

Camping I busted out the 3 in 1 Coleman grill and made carrots, squash and blackened African spiced salmon under the stars.

Last edited 3 years ago by Anna Marie Angeloni
Kathleen Delaney

Snow, Rain or shine! Absolutely the best. I have my favorite grill, it’s called a bumdrum. It was the best gift ever given to me, not only can you grill your meal, but it is a large kerosine like barrell that serves as a fire pit after. I’ve spent many a night sitting by the bumdrum with dear friends counting the stars and our blessings! Of course after we ate our halibut steaks! yum.

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