Road Trip – 2016

July 10, 2016

If anyone ever tells you it is easy to travel to a new place every day, take pictures, and maintain a blog all while having absolutely no service, oh and traveling with others and keeping a tight schedule with absolutely no down time, I would like to meet them.  We have been traveling nearly every day since we left California and a daily blog seems like a faraway dream.  The dreams you have of being able to multitask all while keeping everyone happy is, well a dream.

Since the time we left California until now we have been through Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, District of Columbia, back through Maryland, New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maine, into Canada, New Brunswick, and now into Nova Scotia.  If we left out a few states it is only because right now in Nova Scotia at 12:24am we are finally writing this blog.

As you can image we have many stories to tell of each of our Adventures, or lack of Adventures, in each state.  Colorado was the hardest to drive through because we know what it has to offer and we didn’t have any time to see it because we had a deadline in Chicago we had to get to.  Because of this deadline we ran into an exhausted 24 hours from upper north east of Colorado and all throughout the entire state of Nebraska, we were pushing our limits.  When it comes to Sperling Colorado we will always remember the rough night of sleeping in the car at a gas station from 2am-5am.   Yes we slept in a gas station parking lot with the truckers.  An Adventure none of us want to repeat.

Right now everyone is tucking into their respective tents, zipping sleeping bags and turning of their lights for a restful night in yet another campsite.  The name escapes us do to the hour and the sleep we want.  There is something very magical about traveling, the people, the places and the experiences are each unique, from the quiet peacefulness of Cape Ann in Massachusetts to the noisy nights of New York City.  With each Adventure we come away with a new lesson, a new perspective and a new deeper understanding of what more there is to see and do in life.  Whether it is watching boats drift by and think boating lessons should be added to the bucket list, or buying a singers CD in the subway of New York City just because she sounded “that good” or simply watching the tide come in at the Bay of Fundy.

There is so much more in life then getting up, going to work, coming home, eating, watching a show and trying to make it to the gym.  There are simple things, perhaps taking in a blues show with a friend, talking and getting to know your local ice cream store owner, making walking sticks on a hike with friends and picking blueberries, or seeing the house your father was born in and being introduced to a 90 year old lady who knew your entire family and sits with you on her front porch for hours telling you stories from back when your grandparents just started dating, and the 10 cent movies.

With each place we have seen and visited we have come away with so much.  In the coming days, weeks and months we will tell you about each of these travels what we are doing, what we did and experienced.  Most importantly we will share our Adventure with you and look forward to you sharing your Adventure with us.  We have a lot of writing to do and much to catch you up since one thing we learned along the way, there is no guarantee of internet service, so you can run behind on your blogs.

Catch the Bug and we hope you enjoy the Adventures from our Epic Trip we have shared and will continue to share with you.

Remember, you deserve an Adventure.


June 28, 2016

Trying to catch up on the blog.  Finally have connections 🙂 from June 17, 2016

It has been hot day in Moab!  Phew.....  We started the trip out anxious to get past Las Vegas, and once we were, it was lovely.  Although a rattling was heard from the car, we thought we shredded a tire and had to frantically pull over on the highway searching for the damage.  Nothing found, got back in and within 20 minutes "rattle rattle rattle thump!"  Finally turning around to see one of the many items we had stuffed in the car hitting a window...  thank goodness!  Car is fine we continue on to Utah!  Arriving in Utah is spectacular, the sheer red cliffs jetting up like towers touching the sky, river below flows red.  We were heading to Zion.  Everything catches our eyes, our cameras snapping and our fingers point, "take a picture, take a picture" became the motto of the day.  As we arrived in Zion the crowds are buzzing with anticipation of what is to come, and weary travels that have completed hikes lay on the ground taking a rest.

We jump on board the Shuttle and begin our journey to The Narrows.  With each turn the shuttle takes our cameras continue to click, trotting across the shuttle for one side to the other, "take a picture, take a picture."  We have the back shuttle to ourselves.  Once at the hike to The Narrows we begin our walk, day packs on and camera in hand we go.  The foot traffic is heavy but wonderful to see so many people from all over the world coming to enjoy nature's beauty.  Water drips off the cliff walls creating a tropical paradise, the weather on the hike to The Narrows is cool and crisp.  The river flows with water that perhaps days earlier was white snow capped on the mountains far above and  far away.IMG_9075

Reaching the Narrows we pass exhausted climbers, wet, tired and sore.  A passerby asks "What time did you start?" "10am" the exhausted man tries to push from his lips, his exhausted body slumps forward, helmets hang from their packs, and large wet heavy ropes drape over their shoulders,  his co-climbers in toe, it is now after 5pm.  Turning into the Narrows families, climbers, hikers and single travels gather for a photo.  Rocks in the foreground form an meditative stack.  "Take a picture, take a picture."  While talking to other travels we meet a nice lady from Brazil who is traveling solo, she is kind and generous to take our picture.  Her long journey is one of adventure and excitement.  She now, after hiking and camping, enjoys checking into a B and B.  Something perhaps at the end of the trip we will too.

Stay tune for more fun and adventures as we travel on.


June 16, 2016

With each passing moment of time we continue onward.  We park at one of Utah's many majestic parks, as crowds gather at the railing we move towards the view they are snapping pictures of, Bryce Canyon, it is an awe inspiring creation of nature, created by wind, rain and time causing natural erosion.  We too now begin to snap pictures, and continue to snap pictures and marvel at the canyon's history, legacy, and beauty which all live up to the stories we have heard.  We descend into the canyon saying "hello" to other passerby's as walk along the windy trail, some people we meet are from Tennessee and others as far away Italy.  The red, brown, yellow and gray colors holding a piece of history lasting millions of years.  Some canyon structures remind us of images, ET, a paddle and architectural details you see in church cathedrals.  Perhaps it was places like this that gave the architects of history their ideas.  The canyon is rich in cathedral like structures.   We image what the first humans of this land must have thought as they crested the mountain tops.  What did they think, and did they sit like us at the cliffs edge not wanting to leave?

The day was long but well worth the trip, laying on a bench at the end of the day to rest our backs and feet, we move on and plan tomorrows trip, Arches.


June 14, 2016

AdventurousBug will be hitting the road on June 14th, four days after launch, on a cross country road trip!  We want to spread the news about AdventurousBug, and how better than to do this than on an Adventure, of course.  So if you would like to follow us along as we celebrate 100 years of National Parks and the open road, follow this blog and join us on our journey.  We won't be just hitting National Parks however we will be heading out from the Golden State, California Coast to the Big Apple, New York City.  And along the way we will be passing through some of our fine states in America, visiting parks, museum, greasy spoon diners, gas stations and more gas stations.  You never know where we will be or what Adventure awaits the Adventure Van.  So keep your eyes on the road, or on this blog, and see where the road takes us.

Big thing on the Bucket List, sitting in Halifax drinking a beer with local fishermen hearing stories of the open sea while they wipe away suds off their scruffy beards, will this happen? Watch and see.

P.S. Yes we are heading to Canada too.  Oh and the 20 year old van has no heat and no air.... yeah we will be fine.

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